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Wax Manufacture since 1930

In car care, Swissvax is a brand in the premium and luxury segment that has a high international profile and for which automotive enthusiasts worldwide show a high affinity. Swissvax is also, among other things, the first choice of various car manufacturers in the premium segment to have high-quality care products for their own brand developed and manufactured by
to develop and manufacture high-quality care products for their own brand.

Swissvax offers a complete care system for cars and yachts. It consists of washing, cleaning, care and sealing components, which are all harmoniously coordinated with each other.

Like many other unique products, these
products were originally created at the family's kitchen table. The old "Anwander" chemist's shop in Zurich was both the laboratory and the production site for the first tins of carnauba wax for cars and boats, which were originally made only for the personal use of the grandfather and company founder Hans Anwander.

Today, these products are still made exclusively by hand in our wax manufactory and filled can by can. The high-quality recipes do not allow for industrial production. For our passion to produce the best waxes and care products, we simply do not compromise. We invite you to experience the wax sensation that makes Swissvax so popular and famous worldwide.

Until 2009, Swissvax was also known as Swizöl.

The difference

Unlike conventional polishes, Swissvax waxes contain no abrasives and can be used on all types of  paintwork: On modern water-based paint systems, on so-called nano paints and even on old nitro paints. Swissvax has two components, consisting of the pre-treatment Cleaner Fluid Regular and the Carnauba wax. The waxes are effortless and pleasant to use and leave no white residue on rubber or edges.

Carnauba is the hardest, purest, most transparent and also the most expensive most expensive natural wax in the world. It is extracted from the tops of the Brazilian fan palm "Copernica prunifera" and classified according to colour and clarity. The highest quality is classified as rare Grade One Carnauba and is used for our waxes. The gloss level increases the more carnauba there is in a formula. While conventional car waxes contain 3% to 5% carnauba wax, Swissvax formulations contain 30% to 76% by volume, one of the highest concentrations available on the market.

In contrast to conventional polishes - which polish paint surfaces polish surfaces to a glossy finish while the lower layers of paint become drier and drier and slowly starve - Swissvax Carnauba formulations, enriched with oily extracts of passion fruit, orange, avocado and vanilla, restore lost deep gloss to the paintwork. The result is a deep, unique "wet look" that delights collectors and automotive enthusiasts around the world.

The Swissvax secret

The Swissvax secret lies in the exceptionally durable carnauba wax formulations, which are created from double-walled microparticles after several hours of production - the so-called microencapsulation.


Our Swiss reputation for quality and precision is reflected in our products. For more than three generations, we have been privately passionate about cars and boats. A hobby with joys and sorrows that we know very well and that spur us on every day to find interesting care solutions for sensitive areas.

Deeply reflective surfaces

We firmly believe that car care should be simple. Because only simple vehicle care becomes regular care, the prerequisite for a perfectly maintained automobile.

Good will and the use of the right care products alone are no guarantee for a good result. Only the right sequence and the application of special care techniques lead to the desired success.

Order our free Swissvax manual for car or yacht care. In addition to all products and their correct application, you will find many valuable care tips.